Battle Capacity


Monster fights in 2D


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Battle Capacity is a 2D 1v1 fighting game where you can choose from 15 different creatures eager to throw punches at each other. Although the design of these creatures is totally original, some of them could seriously be from any of the new versions of the Pokémon franchise.

You can play Battle Capacity in one-player mode; make things tougher by playing against the A.I. in adventure mode; or play against a friend using the same keyboard. To play more comfortably, you could also plug in two controllers.

Besides the uniqueness of its characters, Battle Capacity’s most striking feature is its graphics. Each character is exquisitely hand-drawn with a wide range of animations that would put many paid titles to shame. Even the settings look stunning.

Battle Capacity is an outstanding fighting game in every single aspect. Its variety of fighters and special attacks, multiple play modes, and excellent graphics give it the potential to become one of those games that you always keep handy, ready to play.
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